We are a music production company and artist agency specialising in traditional Scandinavian music, also known as Viking, Norse or Nordic music.

Our performer / composers play a variety of rare and authentic instruments that are steeped in Scandinavian history and legend, dating back many hundreds of years.

We create unique compositions, produced and mastered in-house (if required) for any project or brief, such as computer games, film and TV productions as well as collaborating with other artists work on their music.

Our music has featured in a variety of projects such as Sony PlayStation games and Japanese anime TV series, and our team is very experienced with working to, and effectively managing time and budget constraints from one off songs to entire scores for feature films and TV series. Please look at our performance videos and showreel and email us for more information to get a quote for your project. You can also visit our YouTube channel to hear and see more of what we do.